Sunday, November 16, 2008


first doll

This is someone I'd like to introduce you all to. I believe her name will be Gertrude but we will have to wait to see the face Seńor paints on her. I starting making her last week just because I wanted to make her a sweater dress. Because I want sweater dresses... I know, weird, but true!
We've had an eventful weekend. This has been the first full weekend off for me in a long time and boy is it great! We ran lots of errands and even got to go to the Holiday Heap craft show at St Johns where I found a fantastic bag. I will have to take pictures later... Last night we went to the New Haven and saw Lafayette Gilchrist and the New Volcanoes. Jeremy came along as well and it was a great show.
I got two more pairs of pregnant pants since I realized that having only one pair is only a good plan until you have to wash them... And then you are stuck. The belly has been pulling an interesting trick. In the morning it is pretty flat and fits nicely in normal clothes but then by lunch time it starts poking out and getting a little uncomfortable and by five it is unbearable to have regular clothes on. And it is colder now so skirts that I would be able to wear I don't want to cause I am cold... I've never been partial to pants but I love the pregnant ones. It is all very weird.
We also went to the midwife this week and heard the heartbeat. It took us a few days of saying whoosh, whoosh, whoosh to each other to get used to how cool that sound is.
Also to yoga today again. Yay! And I think I am going to pick up a yin class on Thursdays too.

PS- I also started an Amazon baby registry. It only has a few things on it because we don't need much. I imagine it will grow after Thanksgiving when I get the scoop from Erica but not by much I don't think. The three most important things on it are also the most expensive (of course) and I wouldn't think anyone I know would be comfortable spending that much on us (heck, I'm not comfortable spending that much on us.) We would certainly appreciate gift cards to use toward those bigger purchases.


diber said...

the heartbeat! *melt*

Oooh! Are you guys going to have a homebirth? *sigh* I love midwives.

You might also want to consider investing in some babywearing goodness. And you won't believe what doting grandparents and greatgrandparents will spend on their preciouses progeny.

anilia said...

I was planning to make my own babywearing device(s.) Sadly, we are not doing a home birth because it costs so much more than a hospital birth (weird, right?) But we are going to a hospital where the midwives I see have rooms all to themselves with birthing tubs and whatnot. So we'll see how it goes...