Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Berry Picking Elf Hat

Berry elf hat

Emerson was in need of a new hat.  He loves all the pink and purple stuff coming in for Sissie.  And he loves berries.  Blue berries especially.  I thought these two colors looked like the outside and inside of a blueberry.    Mmmmm. Yum.
And I wanted him to have an elf style hat.  Because they are dang cute.  And how many more years does he have to wear such a thing?  Or will he want to?  Right now he loves to put things on the moment I am done.  Before I have even really finished the final touches.  I adore that.
We used the last couple days, as the storm came and went, as an excuse to get a lot more packing done.  The kitchen dishes are almost all packed away and the office continues to move along.  All the off season clothes are in boxes.  It was surreal to stand in the kitchen quietly wrapping dishes in newspaper while watching the rain and wind out the window.  Hoping beyond hope that it wouldn't slow our move down too much and that everyone would come through it with minimal pain.  I feel gratitude we missed the worst of it and sorrow for those suffering instead.

*Someone asked for the hat specifics.  Some sale wool from Lovely Yarns in a very skinny gage, maybe fingering? I started with the bottom and made a foundation crochet ring that fit his head. I used dc for the dark stripes and hdc for the purple. After it fit his head I started to decrease. Every 8 for a row, every 6 for a row, then 3 until the end.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Now and Then

Thanksgiving 2010 030

Moving is overwhelming.  Not always in a negative way, sometimes it feels just plain good to be stepping into this big change.  But always, it is sooo much, packing, cleaning, visiting, calling, scheduling, running...
I look forward to spending the weeks after the move in some kind of suspended animation.  Getting all the important things unpacked and putting away the other tasks for the ever indefinite "later."  Renting for a little bit allows us to ignore things like painting or hanging pictures or any renovating we might have thought we could do (ha!)
The internet will allow us to put in orders for things and watch them show up in a truck driven by someone else.  All the important things will be there already.  Us.  By Thanksgiving we should all be home together there and have a week before John starts his job where we can just be together and explore our new world. And life will turn into something so different as the year closes out.  Before you know it, I'll be saying, "Not yet." every time I call a friend or family member because Sissie's arrival will be so close.
In the mean time I have to remind myself all the time to enjoy the now, to take a deep breath, to stay here and not rush through.  Even when it hurts, or is aggravating or is too much.  Even when it is fun and full of giggles.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Thanksgiving 2010

We found a house!  And a midwife!  Life is good.  I spent the last week driving around looking at houses and conducting interviews.  The town is so great and the community so open and friendly that I am sure we'll be settled and comfortable in no time.  I am sad to be leaving friends here, there are some really great people, but I am happy that this move finally feels firmly like a good thing.  I'm not very good at indecision.  I've always been the type to make snap judgments and stick by them.  Dithering makes me a little crazy.
We will be moving in a just a few more weeks.  Action time is here and I'm ready.  Except for the fact that I'm about to enter the third trimester and can hardly help with anything during the actual move.  Ah, well, they say it is the thought that counts.  I am pretty sure they weren't talking about moving though!
I love the feeling of purging you have when you move.  All that stuff you held onto just in case or just because you were thoughtlessly accumulating.  Gone!  You should see the stack of books!  And the toys!
I also love that you can schedule the Salvation Army to bring a truck to your house and pick up your things for donation.  Furniture, books, clothing- all gone without you doing anything other than packing it and scheduling a pick up.  Brilliant!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hold on to your hat!


Our little guy has been coughing non-stop since he went to bed last night.  All day yesterday it was building.  All night he called for Papa any time Papa tried to sneak away.  Almost all day today E has been playing, cuddling and coughing on his Papa.  Thank goodness for having your very favorite person around when you are sick!  I am a little afraid of what it will be like tomorrow when John goes to work.

I've been re-arranging and sorting and throwing things out all day.  Why, you ask?  Well, because we are moving!  We are packing up this troop and taking the show on the road.  Okay, not quite, even if it does feel like we are managing a circus.  We are moving a few states away.  Next week I am going to go down and look at houses.  I am excited, terrified, overwhelmed, and a little shell shocked.  It is something that we've been planning for about a year so for things to finally fall in place seems somehow wild.

Hopefully I won't fall off the edge of the earth any farther with this blog.  I packed up my sewing machine today and I haven't had the camera out in weeks.  I have a lot of yarn still out and all the things I need for that.  So maybe I can actually take some pictures!  I think E needs a new hat for this Fall.  Is 3 too old for a pixie style?

ps- I just read The Novice by Thich Nhat Hanh.  It was great and you can bet in this fast moving, stressful and wild time all the boys I read until the baby comes will be by him. :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Coconut Oil

Coconut tree
{photo by kwc909}

Lately I've been in love with coconut oil.  I started using it on my belly a couple months ago and just the other night I decided to make an eye cream with it after noticing the smile wrinkles around my eyes were stating to look like a delicate tissue paper.
I think this pregnancy is sucking all the water out of me so I am needing to replace moisture at an alarming rate.  I've always had kind of greasy skin on my face so the thought of putting straight oil on it never seemed like a good idea.  But somehow in the last few months I realized it was a good idea.  And I would say that my skin completely agrees.
A little goes a long way and my skin has the "glow" it was missing.  The dry patches around my eyes are already going away.  I feel so much better I am even wearing lipstick when I leave the house.