Sunday, October 21, 2012


Thanksgiving 2010

We found a house!  And a midwife!  Life is good.  I spent the last week driving around looking at houses and conducting interviews.  The town is so great and the community so open and friendly that I am sure we'll be settled and comfortable in no time.  I am sad to be leaving friends here, there are some really great people, but I am happy that this move finally feels firmly like a good thing.  I'm not very good at indecision.  I've always been the type to make snap judgments and stick by them.  Dithering makes me a little crazy.
We will be moving in a just a few more weeks.  Action time is here and I'm ready.  Except for the fact that I'm about to enter the third trimester and can hardly help with anything during the actual move.  Ah, well, they say it is the thought that counts.  I am pretty sure they weren't talking about moving though!
I love the feeling of purging you have when you move.  All that stuff you held onto just in case or just because you were thoughtlessly accumulating.  Gone!  You should see the stack of books!  And the toys!
I also love that you can schedule the Salvation Army to bring a truck to your house and pick up your things for donation.  Furniture, books, clothing- all gone without you doing anything other than packing it and scheduling a pick up.  Brilliant!

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jack said...

Yes, but will they take that life sized nude of the man in the hat that John was squirreling away for all those years?