Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Berry Picking Elf Hat

Berry elf hat

Emerson was in need of a new hat.  He loves all the pink and purple stuff coming in for Sissie.  And he loves berries.  Blue berries especially.  I thought these two colors looked like the outside and inside of a blueberry.    Mmmmm. Yum.
And I wanted him to have an elf style hat.  Because they are dang cute.  And how many more years does he have to wear such a thing?  Or will he want to?  Right now he loves to put things on the moment I am done.  Before I have even really finished the final touches.  I adore that.
We used the last couple days, as the storm came and went, as an excuse to get a lot more packing done.  The kitchen dishes are almost all packed away and the office continues to move along.  All the off season clothes are in boxes.  It was surreal to stand in the kitchen quietly wrapping dishes in newspaper while watching the rain and wind out the window.  Hoping beyond hope that it wouldn't slow our move down too much and that everyone would come through it with minimal pain.  I feel gratitude we missed the worst of it and sorrow for those suffering instead.

*Someone asked for the hat specifics.  Some sale wool from Lovely Yarns in a very skinny gage, maybe fingering? I started with the bottom and made a foundation crochet ring that fit his head. I used dc for the dark stripes and hdc for the purple. After it fit his head I started to decrease. Every 8 for a row, every 6 for a row, then 3 until the end.

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