Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Coconut Oil

Coconut tree
{photo by kwc909}

Lately I've been in love with coconut oil.  I started using it on my belly a couple months ago and just the other night I decided to make an eye cream with it after noticing the smile wrinkles around my eyes were stating to look like a delicate tissue paper.
I think this pregnancy is sucking all the water out of me so I am needing to replace moisture at an alarming rate.  I've always had kind of greasy skin on my face so the thought of putting straight oil on it never seemed like a good idea.  But somehow in the last few months I realized it was a good idea.  And I would say that my skin completely agrees.
A little goes a long way and my skin has the "glow" it was missing.  The dry patches around my eyes are already going away.  I feel so much better I am even wearing lipstick when I leave the house.

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