Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Now and Then

Thanksgiving 2010 030

Moving is overwhelming.  Not always in a negative way, sometimes it feels just plain good to be stepping into this big change.  But always, it is sooo much, packing, cleaning, visiting, calling, scheduling, running...
I look forward to spending the weeks after the move in some kind of suspended animation.  Getting all the important things unpacked and putting away the other tasks for the ever indefinite "later."  Renting for a little bit allows us to ignore things like painting or hanging pictures or any renovating we might have thought we could do (ha!)
The internet will allow us to put in orders for things and watch them show up in a truck driven by someone else.  All the important things will be there already.  Us.  By Thanksgiving we should all be home together there and have a week before John starts his job where we can just be together and explore our new world. And life will turn into something so different as the year closes out.  Before you know it, I'll be saying, "Not yet." every time I call a friend or family member because Sissie's arrival will be so close.
In the mean time I have to remind myself all the time to enjoy the now, to take a deep breath, to stay here and not rush through.  Even when it hurts, or is aggravating or is too much.  Even when it is fun and full of giggles.

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