Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

so. busy. must. sleep.

Grace Owl

I am totally swamped at work right now... I promise not to be gone forever. Next week (towards the end) there will be more sharing of fun things. Promise. In the mean time here is a cute little fat owl...

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I have been slacking on putting up photos. So much has been going on and I always have to wait for the camera to come home with Senor at the end of the day so sometimes I forget to take pictures...
So here we go with things I have been making:

1) this bag
dragonflies 1

I have had this fabric for years. Maybe since B.H. (before husband!) I gave it to my mom with the idea that we would come up with the perfect bag to make out of it but we never got around to it. I found the cranberry colorway in a remnants bin (my favorite way to shop) and suddenly I could see it...

2) this tank
belle epoque tank
from this tutorial. I think it is going to turn into a skirt pattern... I don't think it looks good but it is super comfortable and would be a great summer tank if you were pregnant... I didn't even follow her numbers exactly, I went slimmer right from the start. I do love the fabric which reminds me of the Sea of Izabell in the books I am re-reading...

teva feet
You can just see it still on my feet (with my new tevas!!) but you can certainly see it on my toenails (the big ones.) I think Jeremy has pictures of them right after I did it but I didn't take any. I love it on the toe nails because I hate painting them and this seems like a great solution. No chipping!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I was lucky enough to get to see my father last week. We met up in Silver Spring and ate Burmese food on the day Seńor got into the accident. I had the intention that we would bring a Father's Day card or something but, you know, it was a pretty full day and so I blanked on it...
This morning I looked at Seńor and said, “Oh no, tomorrow is Father's Day!”
“Well I got your dad a broken motorcycle. What'd you get him?”
So there you go. I guess I got my dad a husband to wreck a motorcycle for him...

moto 001

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Here's to Gear!

So yesterday Senor called me and said, "I've been in an accident but I am okay."
I came rushing out of work happy that I had happened to drive to work so I could leave right away and head over. He had taken the motorcycle.
He was alright. I mean, a crushed pinky finger tip and a hematoma or two, a torn ligament in the foot, some other cuts and bruises. But, you know, breathing, standing up and calling me means "alright" in my book.
He had full gear on, despite the heat or whatever other excuse you can come up with. And so all the skin is intact. Today he is very sore and tired. With more bumps and bruises coming up and to attention that was focused elsewhere yesterday.
Today is nap time.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Early and Late

A few birthday gifts got to their new homes this week.

Arriving about a week early, this bag found my mother-

garden tote 2

It is from this book. I will say the pattern directions seemed to skip a few steps and I was glad I had already made some other bags from her instructions so I noticed that I was missing something. Still, it was very easy and I hope you will use it up Mom. I can always make another one if you want something "nice" to carry around. Happy Birthday and thank you for being the best mother a girl could ask for!

The other birthday gift was late because I wasn't sure the exact day he would arrive.
diber gifts 003

And I wanted to make sure his big brother had some fun things to play with too.

diber gifts 010

The cat is similar to the first one I made for Kent. I got the pattern from Green Kitchen's blog and only changed it the tiniest bit.

Click on the pictures to see more!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Monday, June 2, 2008

Go ahead and laugh.

So I have been wanting to play with henna and hands for a little while now and reading the book I just finished only increased the desire. Of course, I had no idea where to buy it so i talked to a local henna artist and she said any Indian/Pakistani market would have it. As it happens, there was one on my walk home.
Now, I consider myself a liberal person and I shop in lot's of places but even though I walk by this store everyday I have never been in. Granted, it does say "halal meat" on the outside and I haven't bought meat in fifteen years. Actually I probably never bought meat since I lived with my parents then and wasn't really old enough to go grocery shopping... anyway, you get the idea.
So I was a little nervous to go in. Worried I would be an intruder on a world I wasn't part of. And then, of course if all the labels were in Arabic it would be hard to figure out what I was looking for and then I might just look foolish. That doesn't generally stop me so I went anyway. It was fine. I could read the labels of most things, they had lovely grapes and green plantains (yay) and mangoes and henna and lentils of every color. I grabbed a couple things and went to the counter where the man was very nice all smiles and hello. But the order didn't add up to the minimum for credit card use. So I went back frantically through the aisles for something I knew would cost $2.00 as fast a possible.
I picked a five pound bag of sugar. That's right, sugar. The heaviest thing I could have picked. Because I am stupid and I wasn't thinking about walking the rest of the way home lugging it. I was just trying not to look foolish... So instead of looking foolish, I actually was.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend List

Up at 6am

Things we did:

1) Had dinner with Scott and Sharon.

2) Finally got to the post office to mail somethings I have been trying to get out of here for a week.

3) Went to garden store to buy things for a vegetable garden which s&s made us want after seeing their lovely yard.

4) Sat in the car through a rainstorm drinking coffee.

5) Found a banana tree that the garden people say is hardy. Mom, have you ever heard such a thing??! I want... is it wrong to covet a tree?

6) Settled for much less expensive (and no doubt more productive) green beans, cuc, zuc, euc, and dill. (pretty impressive, heh?)

7) Went to bed at like 8:30 on Saturday. Yeah, we're old- so what.

8) Got up at six this morning because me head was just going. Started sewing things, woke up other people to buy fabric (sorry) and had a lovely breakfast.

9) Dug out and planted vegitales garden. Whew...

10) I think going to bed again at 8:30....