Thursday, June 5, 2008

Early and Late

A few birthday gifts got to their new homes this week.

Arriving about a week early, this bag found my mother-

garden tote 2

It is from this book. I will say the pattern directions seemed to skip a few steps and I was glad I had already made some other bags from her instructions so I noticed that I was missing something. Still, it was very easy and I hope you will use it up Mom. I can always make another one if you want something "nice" to carry around. Happy Birthday and thank you for being the best mother a girl could ask for!

The other birthday gift was late because I wasn't sure the exact day he would arrive.
diber gifts 003

And I wanted to make sure his big brother had some fun things to play with too.

diber gifts 010

The cat is similar to the first one I made for Kent. I got the pattern from Green Kitchen's blog and only changed it the tiniest bit.

Click on the pictures to see more!


sharon said...

i love these. are they finger puppets? because I LOVE finger puppets. I don't got no babies but i do LOVE finger puppets. i'm going to try to post this. the other day i tried but it didn't work.

anilia said...

they are finger puppets. I got them at Sowebo. I think they are from Peru.

OldBikeRider said...

Your stuff is so cute! I love it.


Green Kitchen said...

Your stripey cat is super cute and sleepy cuddly. Thanks for using the pattern and letting me know. I always wonder how many are out there.

Yoko said...

Very nice! You really are inspiring! Have you ever seen this fabric site?

Great retro fabric, makes me want to sew a whole bunch of curtians!