Sunday, June 15, 2008


I have been slacking on putting up photos. So much has been going on and I always have to wait for the camera to come home with Senor at the end of the day so sometimes I forget to take pictures...
So here we go with things I have been making:

1) this bag
dragonflies 1

I have had this fabric for years. Maybe since B.H. (before husband!) I gave it to my mom with the idea that we would come up with the perfect bag to make out of it but we never got around to it. I found the cranberry colorway in a remnants bin (my favorite way to shop) and suddenly I could see it...

2) this tank
belle epoque tank
from this tutorial. I think it is going to turn into a skirt pattern... I don't think it looks good but it is super comfortable and would be a great summer tank if you were pregnant... I didn't even follow her numbers exactly, I went slimmer right from the start. I do love the fabric which reminds me of the Sea of Izabell in the books I am re-reading...

teva feet
You can just see it still on my feet (with my new tevas!!) but you can certainly see it on my toenails (the big ones.) I think Jeremy has pictures of them right after I did it but I didn't take any. I love it on the toe nails because I hate painting them and this seems like a great solution. No chipping!

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diber said...

I'm way excited about that tutorial, as the empty baby house is leaving my figure somewhat...uh..shapely, this summer