Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend List

Up at 6am

Things we did:

1) Had dinner with Scott and Sharon.

2) Finally got to the post office to mail somethings I have been trying to get out of here for a week.

3) Went to garden store to buy things for a vegetable garden which s&s made us want after seeing their lovely yard.

4) Sat in the car through a rainstorm drinking coffee.

5) Found a banana tree that the garden people say is hardy. Mom, have you ever heard such a thing??! I want... is it wrong to covet a tree?

6) Settled for much less expensive (and no doubt more productive) green beans, cuc, zuc, euc, and dill. (pretty impressive, heh?)

7) Went to bed at like 8:30 on Saturday. Yeah, we're old- so what.

8) Got up at six this morning because me head was just going. Started sewing things, woke up other people to buy fabric (sorry) and had a lovely breakfast.

9) Dug out and planted vegitales garden. Whew...

10) I think going to bed again at 8:30....



erica said...

Fun weekend! What's euc? Eucalyptus? I couldn't think of anything else it would be, but then I'm not sure what you'd do with eucalyptus except make things fragrant. Can you eat it? Are you thinking of getting a koala? LOL.

Hope you found some fun fabrics. That's always a good way to spend a morning. =)

Mom A said...

So yes, banana trees may be hardy to your climate. There is a lady here in Prices Fork that cuts hers down each fall and mulches very heavy...and by mid summer they look like banana trees.

Mom A said...

Well, just a word about coveting trees....I seem to have killed all those that I coveted, the monkeypuzzle, and the italian cypress, the norfolk island pine. So...that's my experience..not so happy...