Wednesday, February 23, 2011

At 22 Months~



: Are a wild thing!
: Have such strong opinoins.
: Climb everything.
: Learn a word a day it seems like.  This morning it was "nut."
: Are ready to go all the time.
: Love Elmo.  For real.
: Are really friends with Jasper.
: Love the slide, the dirt and throwing.
: Can catch and hop.
: Do not love nap time.
: Love to help in the kitchen.  Washing dishes, mixing batters or creating havoc- it's all good.
: Really love "Pop" the best.  Cause he is nicer.
: Love reading Zen Ties you wait for it to be time to say "Koo" and then jump in and say his name with a big smile.  You also love the last page where you get to shake your head.  It is so cute we want to eat you up.
: Want to brush the cat.  He is not so into it.
: Have gotten a lot better at treating the animals nicely (most of the time.)
: Love painting.
: And showers.
: And "Mananas!!"

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One Bug, One Mama, One Oma

And Opa is here of course.  We are visiting for a few days this week in hopes of some time by the fire where the Oma and the Mama can tie up about 300 squares.  Remember this?  The top is finally all together and ready to be sandwiched into a quilt the Bug can actually use.  The minky fabric is really what held things up (and you know, all the rest of life) because it is slippery and I am a lazy pinner.   But, this project may have cured me of that problem.
Here are a couple views of the top so far.  I hope to be back at the beginning of next week with finished-on-the-bed pictures.



Monday, February 21, 2011

Crochet Catch Up

In the last few months I have been crocheting like mad.  It is so easy to drag along everywhere and do a few stitches at a time and that is about the speed I am going these days.  First of these projects finished was Senor's Sweater. 

Senor's Sweater

It was super easy and I loved making it.  The yarn is called Mirasol Tupa Aquamarine 817 Yarn and it was a delight to work with.  I know there will be more projects coming with this kind of yarn because I bought about a gazillion skeins of it way back when.  Here is the ravelry link.

The next thing I finished was this little hat for a dear friend who is due to have a little girl next month.  Since I knew she loved the sweater that this yarn came from.  I was sure I posted a finished picture but can't find it right now...  Anyway, this is a party hat for a little girl's first day!

Baby Clark's Birthday Party hat

And last, but not least, here is a picture from the start of my very first sweater made for me (ravelry link).  It took me nearly three years before I felt brave enough to attempt something like this for myself.  And you know- this took about a two weeks to complete.  I have more pictures of it completed but haven't downloaded them so you'll have to wait to see the final project.  It was super awesome to be able to wear it yesterday to the baby shower.   And on a day where the Bug was wearing pants I made too.  I love some handmade deliciousness. 

Cranberry Cardi

Click on the pictures if you want to see more views on flikr.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sweater pants

Sweater pants, originally uploaded by Mr & Mrs Speeed.
I finally downloaded the pictures to the computer. It was sort of like a million tiny accomplishments happening all over again because it has a couple months worth of photos on it. This is a wonderful thing to relive and shows me just how busy I have been. And knowing that it only takes in the things I have taken pictures of, no dinner making, school work, or business making captured here. Whew. Feels good!

Anyway, I think I mentioned that I made sweater pants for the Bug. These are they ;-) I used an old sweater of Seniors which had to be retired due to a hole in the shoulder. I threw it in the wash on hot and dried it on super hot. Then I cut off the sleeves and sewed them together. I followed the Green Kitchen's tutorial very loosely.

Sweater pants in action

We all like these pants. They can be used as a diaper cover or over one. They stretch out and have to be washed and dried in the machine so they don't fall down. I know they keep him nice and cozy.

Just so you know, this month is Celebrate the Boy month. Check out the button in the side bar. Dana and Rae are rock stars for the boy craftiness world. I'm about to cut out the pants on Made today and the little slippers are going to get made too. So happy, can't wait!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

There and back again.

Going to Miami for three days by myself was everything I could have wished for and more.  The time in the sun and being surrounded by like minded individuals was worth its weight in gold.  I spent the first day on the beach waiting to be able to check into my room, reading Jane Austin.  Every twenty to thirty minutes I would look up and around with that feeling (you'll know what I mean) of wondering what I should be doing.  And then I'd run down all the options and find that not one of them was available to me.  My job was simply to soak up the sun and the sound of the waves and the divine luxury of doing nothing at all.  Priceless after the last 21 months of nonstop constant demand on my attention.  Of course, I did get a bit sun burnt for having nothing else to do, but no complaints here.
That night I met up with the other ladies sharing my hotel and we headed out to a dinner that, at least for me, consisted mostly of avocado.  Yay.  I mentioned to the other women staying in my room that I would be attempting to head to the beach around sunrise (or whenever I naturally woke up) for a little yoga and ocean worship.  They also thought it was a good plan.
In the morning my internal clock naturally woke me just before sunrise and we silently got dressed and wandered the three blocks to the water.  Once there, another person (who we didn't know) from the conference joined us in our sun salutations.  Awesome.
After  finding breakfast and a shower I headed into the giant hall filled with nearly 2000 other students and graduates.  I met amazing, beautiful, happy people one right after the next.  It was the kind of group you'd have to try really hard to find the bad egg in.  One woman, Ruth, was so amazing I was in tears moments after meeting her.  I didn't even know her name yet and she went straight to my soul.  Throughout the day we heard from Dr John Douillard, Joshua Rosenthal and many others.  There were dance breaks, massage lines and lots of stretching. 
That evening I was able to meet up with some health coaches from Baltimore who I hope to be partnering with soon.  They had a place with a kitchen and cooked a beautiful meal and I got to hang out with the veteran coaches who are their friends.  Delightful.  I walked back to my hotel just in time to catch my room mate and go for a quick dessert before bed.  Mmmmm, mmm!
Day two followed the same morning routine and we met back up in the hall for more amazing speakers and some Zuumba and karate chops and dance parties wrapped up the day.  Ruth and I had dinner together before I hopped in a cab back to the airport.
Being away from the Bug was really a pleasant break.  I wasn't gone quite long enough to really miss him, but by Sunday I was thinking of him a lot and excited to get back to see him and Senor.  It sounds like we were both on that same time table, he started asking where I was on Sunday morning.   Every little boy about his size on the beach had me smiling ear to ear.
I am so excited for this new faze in my life.  There were so many things that I saw, heard and felt over the weekend that reinforced how much this is the right place and right time for me.  It is so amazing to be standing in this spot and able to look around and see the transformations happening.
If you are interested in the school, I should let you know that I have been offered two $1000 scholarships to give to friends or family.  They are only good until February 28th but I would be happy to talk to anyone about what I am doing and my experience with the school so far.  Send me an email and we can set a time to talk about it if you are interested. littleanilia {at} gmail

Thursday, February 3, 2011

For the record:

Snowing owl
 {from my first visit to the zoo}

 I'm still here.  I am struggling through getting used to a new computer and camera along with the normal winter blahs.
So no new pictures.  I always feel with out images my words aren't enough.  Tricky.
I finished Senor's sweater in time for his birthday.  It fits really well.  Slimmer than he is used to, but I think it looks great.  I can't wait to actually take a picture.  You all are going to be impressed.  Promise.
This weekend I am taking my first ever mama break.  I am going to sunny Miami for a conference for school.  So. Happy!  I need some sunshine and rest.  I need to be re-energized by other people passionate about helping the world to a better place.  And helping yourself along the way.
I am about to start seeing clients.  Are you a busy mom?  If you were going to get support in the kitchen, health and life balance what would you ask for?  What do you already know is important to you?
A couple days ago I said something brilliant.  Only because I was focused on the Bug and trying to help him understand what was happening, not because I am inherently brilliant :)
He was in the bathtub with a little cup which he was trying to balance on his knee.  When it fell off he was a little upset and kept trying to get the cup to balance just so.  I said, "Well, you know, balance is right next to falling off.  So sometimes, that will happen.  It is okay, you just have to try again."  After that, we both had a better day.