Tuesday, February 8, 2011

There and back again.

Going to Miami for three days by myself was everything I could have wished for and more.  The time in the sun and being surrounded by like minded individuals was worth its weight in gold.  I spent the first day on the beach waiting to be able to check into my room, reading Jane Austin.  Every twenty to thirty minutes I would look up and around with that feeling (you'll know what I mean) of wondering what I should be doing.  And then I'd run down all the options and find that not one of them was available to me.  My job was simply to soak up the sun and the sound of the waves and the divine luxury of doing nothing at all.  Priceless after the last 21 months of nonstop constant demand on my attention.  Of course, I did get a bit sun burnt for having nothing else to do, but no complaints here.
That night I met up with the other ladies sharing my hotel and we headed out to a dinner that, at least for me, consisted mostly of avocado.  Yay.  I mentioned to the other women staying in my room that I would be attempting to head to the beach around sunrise (or whenever I naturally woke up) for a little yoga and ocean worship.  They also thought it was a good plan.
In the morning my internal clock naturally woke me just before sunrise and we silently got dressed and wandered the three blocks to the water.  Once there, another person (who we didn't know) from the conference joined us in our sun salutations.  Awesome.
After  finding breakfast and a shower I headed into the giant hall filled with nearly 2000 other students and graduates.  I met amazing, beautiful, happy people one right after the next.  It was the kind of group you'd have to try really hard to find the bad egg in.  One woman, Ruth, was so amazing I was in tears moments after meeting her.  I didn't even know her name yet and she went straight to my soul.  Throughout the day we heard from Dr John Douillard, Joshua Rosenthal and many others.  There were dance breaks, massage lines and lots of stretching. 
That evening I was able to meet up with some health coaches from Baltimore who I hope to be partnering with soon.  They had a place with a kitchen and cooked a beautiful meal and I got to hang out with the veteran coaches who are their friends.  Delightful.  I walked back to my hotel just in time to catch my room mate and go for a quick dessert before bed.  Mmmmm, mmm!
Day two followed the same morning routine and we met back up in the hall for more amazing speakers and some Zuumba and karate chops and dance parties wrapped up the day.  Ruth and I had dinner together before I hopped in a cab back to the airport.
Being away from the Bug was really a pleasant break.  I wasn't gone quite long enough to really miss him, but by Sunday I was thinking of him a lot and excited to get back to see him and Senor.  It sounds like we were both on that same time table, he started asking where I was on Sunday morning.   Every little boy about his size on the beach had me smiling ear to ear.
I am so excited for this new faze in my life.  There were so many things that I saw, heard and felt over the weekend that reinforced how much this is the right place and right time for me.  It is so amazing to be standing in this spot and able to look around and see the transformations happening.
If you are interested in the school, I should let you know that I have been offered two $1000 scholarships to give to friends or family.  They are only good until February 28th but I would be happy to talk to anyone about what I am doing and my experience with the school so far.  Send me an email and we can set a time to talk about it if you are interested. littleanilia {at} gmail

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