Wednesday, February 23, 2011

At 22 Months~



: Are a wild thing!
: Have such strong opinoins.
: Climb everything.
: Learn a word a day it seems like.  This morning it was "nut."
: Are ready to go all the time.
: Love Elmo.  For real.
: Are really friends with Jasper.
: Love the slide, the dirt and throwing.
: Can catch and hop.
: Do not love nap time.
: Love to help in the kitchen.  Washing dishes, mixing batters or creating havoc- it's all good.
: Really love "Pop" the best.  Cause he is nicer.
: Love reading Zen Ties you wait for it to be time to say "Koo" and then jump in and say his name with a big smile.  You also love the last page where you get to shake your head.  It is so cute we want to eat you up.
: Want to brush the cat.  He is not so into it.
: Have gotten a lot better at treating the animals nicely (most of the time.)
: Love painting.
: And showers.
: And "Mananas!!"

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