Monday, June 2, 2008

Go ahead and laugh.

So I have been wanting to play with henna and hands for a little while now and reading the book I just finished only increased the desire. Of course, I had no idea where to buy it so i talked to a local henna artist and she said any Indian/Pakistani market would have it. As it happens, there was one on my walk home.
Now, I consider myself a liberal person and I shop in lot's of places but even though I walk by this store everyday I have never been in. Granted, it does say "halal meat" on the outside and I haven't bought meat in fifteen years. Actually I probably never bought meat since I lived with my parents then and wasn't really old enough to go grocery shopping... anyway, you get the idea.
So I was a little nervous to go in. Worried I would be an intruder on a world I wasn't part of. And then, of course if all the labels were in Arabic it would be hard to figure out what I was looking for and then I might just look foolish. That doesn't generally stop me so I went anyway. It was fine. I could read the labels of most things, they had lovely grapes and green plantains (yay) and mangoes and henna and lentils of every color. I grabbed a couple things and went to the counter where the man was very nice all smiles and hello. But the order didn't add up to the minimum for credit card use. So I went back frantically through the aisles for something I knew would cost $2.00 as fast a possible.
I picked a five pound bag of sugar. That's right, sugar. The heaviest thing I could have picked. Because I am stupid and I wasn't thinking about walking the rest of the way home lugging it. I was just trying not to look foolish... So instead of looking foolish, I actually was.


Cindy said...

I love you anyway.

tedspeed said...

As the old adage says: A fool and his (her) money are easily convinced to exchange it for heavy sacks of sucrose.

Mom A said...

Do you need some recipes for that sucrose?

anilia said...

I do need recipes for all the sugar... what do you have?