Monday, December 21, 2009

Sol Invictus ~ The Unconqured Sun

light and shadow

On the Winter Solstice the night is long and the day is short in the Northern Hemisphere. In ancient times, when humans were more connected to the earth, in almost every culture this day was marked by some celebration. The Romans worshiped a sun god called Sol and on this special day they celebrated his re-emergence from the dark. I can imagine a time before the sophistication of the Romans when the long night was a time to gather and share stories and warmth and keep away the pernicious thought of the sun staying dark forever. This is a night of great hope, of faith in the return of the sun.
So this year, when we are finally home, near our garden (which worships the sun in its own way) and our friends we plan to gather together, share company and stories and burn a light through the night to help welcome the sun back from its long journey in morning.
Won't you celebrate with us?

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