Monday, December 7, 2009

Where, oh where?

folding laundry

The time passes so fast. We have been under piles of laundry, piles of sewing, piles of crochet and piles of ideas. All of them lovely in their own way. (I am about to start laundry today just so I can fold warm clothes!)
I also have the deadline for Holiday Traditions Exchange (which has a button in the sidebar if you are interested in what that is) looming. I have soooo many ideas and am trying to pull it together so I can finish at the end of the week like I should because I ended up with a really special partner who deserves something awesome. Go see her blog here.
This past weekend was so fun. We put together our tree (the first one we have ever done together because Senor was seriously burnt out on them when we met) on Friday night after the Bug went to sleep so he got to come down on Saturday morning to see it in all it's glory. Of course Emerson loves the tree. It has lights! I have to turn on lights starting around 3pm or so because it is getting dark so early and having these makes that a cheerful prospect instead of making me sad.

first xmas tree

After seeing the tree lit up we handed the Bug off to his uncle for the morning and went out for a meeting and when we emerged- SNOW! Big, giant, amazing flakes falling and sticking only to the grass (which is how it should be when it snows on weekends.) We arrived home to find the boys staring out the window talking about snow. So sweet. And then we had a party across the street to celebrate Jeremy's and my birthday! (Grammar persons- how is that sentence supposed to work?)
We had a great time, made a super yummy cake and ate lot's of cheese. What could be better for our first snow day? A sing along!

first snow sing along

Sunday was a day of rest. Senor and his Bug slept for like four hours. It was crazy! And it gave me the chance to finish up and gather together an order and start some other things.
I have time for a couple more orders before the holiday so if you need a present (for yourself or someone else :) made of fabric or yarn let me know and I can see if I can help you out. Use the littleanilia at G mail account to email me. :)


sharon said...

I think: Jeremy and I had a (joint) party to celebrate our birthdays.

Little Apple said...

we had a party across the street to celebrate our respective birthdays.

Either way it's a party and parties are fun!