Monday, November 21, 2011

And, done!


Ok- here they are.  Surprisingly, they came out just as I had imagined (when does that ever happen?)


I am excited to see the boys use them.


This blog has been really quiet this year.  I expected to have more time for it after e started school but somehow I've managed to over commit myself outside of the home.  I've also taken so, so few pictures this year.  I'm still not really comfortable with the "new" camera even though I have had it for a long time.


In an effort to work on both of these issues I am going to do a December photo project a la habit blog.  Every weekday a picture and a few words.  It is my birthday present to myself.  A way to be more present in the small moments.  (hopefully, it will be nice for you too ;)



Mom A said...

What a useful gift.

AlisaRock said...

These are awesome! You should take some to the farmers market and sell some!

Kimberly said...

These all turned out so cute. I've had my eye on a few art/sketch book books and I just love the little closure on these. Great job!