Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nine days old

emerson day 9 003
The pediatrician hasn't called us so I think we are in the clear with the jaundice. And yesterday we were basically up to birth weight again. Yay!
This morning we made a mad quick dash to the midwife for some hands on breastfeeding tweaking. I knew what we were doing was almost right and that the only way to correct it was with a little guidance. I can't tell you how happy my nipples are for the help.
Senor is out walking the dog for the first time since we've been home. It has been raining nonstop so he is taking advantage of the break this afternoon. Poor, sweet dog. Have you seen these feets? Ahh! The cuteness is hurting me!
I still can't get over how much I love this little guy and how beautiful he is. I love also knowing that I get to stay with him all summer. I can't wait to be a little more recovered (and the rain to let up a bit) so we can stroll around the neighborhood identifying plants and enjoying sunshine.
on a tangent- Last night I was freezing and asking if we could bring a little heater in the bedroom and Senor said, "Ah, now you are officially not pregnant." Also yay!


erica said...

Chuckling that you've gotten your thermostat back...

So glad you got the breastfeeding help you needed! LLL is also a great source of support, even as you face issues down the line like teething, solids, etc.-- the monthly meetings are fab, if you want to go to one in your area (and there's never any pressure to join).

rabbim said...

Did you go with Dr. Tellerman? Glad to hear all is going well. He sure is cute! Wish we were a little closer. Ilana had the jaundice issue too. Hated seeing her little feet get pricked for blood.

pattianne053 said...

I think he is the most adorable baby in the whole wide world. Glad you got the breastfeeding down. I agree with Erica the LLL is also a good place to go they are a awesome group of women.

See you soon

Love to all three of you.

Mom B

sharon said...

Happy nine days old baby Emerson, mother, and papa! Love and hugs. Nine whole days- Wow!