Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A few things...

These are my Good Fortune Cat towels that I made. I made some for Sharon's new place too.
Fourtune Cat towel

Seńor made the shape pattern for me by looking at our plates. Then I embroidered the faces (I am not very good at this) and used the machine to stitch them to the towels. The other one has red thread for the face. I like them both.

Sebastien got shaved this past week and hadn't been feeling well. He is better now. I have never seen another cat sleep like this though. He looks like a chicken to me. Does your cat sleep face down?

Sleeping cat 2

Sleeping cat


erica said...

Our cats don't sleep that way, but my favorite lolcats cat does...


Ah, the lolcats.

Nice towels, by the way. I love your whimsical sewing style. =)

anilia said...

Aww- thanks!