Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thinking- Who knew?

Sometimes now I think about things. I didn’t used to think about things very much really. Before I got a sewing machine I always was surprised at how little time I spent thinking of any one thing. I always thought that people around me seemed to be cogitating on the things in their life more than me. I said, “Well, maybe I am not a worrier.” And then I shrugged my shoulders and went on with life.

Since the sewing machine (perhaps we should say A.S. for After Sewing and B.S. for Before Sewing :-) I now think things through in a way previously unheard of. Like at night, if I am in the middle of a project or getting ready to start something I think of it while I sleep. This is annoying because it means I have to get up early and get to work right away so that I can stop thinking about it. Because I hate over analyzing things. It is also good because it sometimes clears up things I have been hung up on (like seems or zippers.)

The other time I think is while I walk (and I walk a lot on campus and will even more once the weather gets better.) This can be dangerous. Cars don’t always notice that you aren’t aware of them. Today on the way over to pick up some lunchy things I realized the thing I have been hung up on is simple. I was thinking of it backwards. Ta-da! I figured it out with only 12 hours (give or take) of cogitating! Yay me- I will show you what it is thins weekend.

P.S. The use of the word cogitate was sponsored by Sharon and the letter "M".

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Jeannette said...

Yay! You started a blog. I found you through my sitemeter.

I can totally relate to the car thing. Can't they read my mind? LOL