Friday, March 16, 2012

A Monk's Bag

Months ago, maybe six or eight even, I had the thought to make myself a bag in the style of the ones carried by Buddhist monks.  They are so simple, but with a graceful design.  They have room enough for a book or some crochet or an extra pair of pants for your small one in addition to your regular things.  The crossover strap is perfect in every way for a mother who may have to chase a child at any moment.
I found this easy tutorial.  I put it off.  I couldn't decide on the fabric.  I didn't need it that much at the time anyway.  The Bug was still in diapers and then he was in school.  And then a couple weeks ago we decided to pull him out.  So I could be with him all the time again, and I realized I would be wanting this bag.  And I should get on with it.  Really.


It took about an hour total.  Cutting, ironing, sewing.  I changed a couple things.  I cut the straps as whole pieces and shortened them a couple inches.  I skipped the inside pocket in favor or a full panel outside pocket.


I really like it.  I have the strongest urge to paint the flower on the pocket.  I'm just unsure about the best way to do it.  Any ideas?



Cindy said...

Fabric markers! This is beautiful Anilia. May I commission you to make one for me, too? Just like this one. :)

Jayan said...

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