Wednesday, March 28, 2012


It has been busy around here.  The Bug's first day out of school was Monday and we had a brilliant day.  Visited the garden store.  Took Morai (grandma) to the doctor and played at the bookstore.  Enjoyed a pizza together.  Went out to sweep off the front porch.  The Bug fell down seven brick stairs and landed on concrete.  With a baby gate on his head. Wait- that part sucked.


We rushed off to the urgent care place.  I was very happy to find out he didn't have a concussion and all his limbs seemed fine.  Sadly, his face didn't get off so easily.  Two stitches.  But at least we've got that over with now.  I didn't think that I'd ever be able to hold my own child down while someone sewed him up.  But I did.  I think it is amazing what all of us do as parents.  Give us the option and we will do everything in our power to protect, help or comfort our child.  And afterwards, if we need to fall apart, we do.  I was lucky enough to have Morai here to help me hold it together. And Senor on the phone.  Thank goodness.

We are attempting to take it easy after that.  Sometimes it is easy because he is in pain and so remembers.  Then he feels better and try to convince your nearly-three-year- old to not dive over the ball onto his face (really) because it might end up really, really hurting that oh so sensitive upper lip and watch your efforts fail.  Until you just have to take away the ball and watch him cry his eyes out.  So, which is worse?  I don't know.


 If you are into that sort of thing feel free to click through the pictures above to see more details.

Ps- I forgot to mention- If all this left you stressed go check out the guest post I did about meditation over here.

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