Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Natural History


This past weekend we did something I've wanted to do for a long, long time.  We took the Bug and drove down to a DC Metro stop, bought tickets and rode into the heart of the city.  All last year I wanted to do this with him but was afraid to do it alone.  The time finally came when we were ready. And Papa could come too!
It was pure magic watching the Bug see the metro train come into the station, getting on and picking seats, watching and talking about all the things that were speeding past.  And then we went into the tunnel!  How exciting to be traveling underground.  He wanted to know where the grass was down there in the dark.  Why didn't the dirt come in?  What kind of lights are underground?

 talking it out

He has recently been more and more interested in dinosaurs.  I wanted to take him so he could see how big they really were.  I wanted to watch him run on the Mall and go visit the National Sculpture Garden with him.

 Street musician

It was the perfect day for it.  The cherry blossoms just beginning and the weather so, so fine.  We found our way in to the museum by way of the butterfly garden next door.  No butterflies were out but two tame as pets ducks were snoozing in the sun.  A horn player serenaded us.  We came in the back door to avoid the line and found our way to the halls of the dinosaurs.  He said, "They can bite me?!" all excited and thrilled at the thought.  We found Mammoths with giant "tuskeses" and a sloth over 8 feet tall.


Eventually we found our way to a room full of items for small people to explore and we took our time and enjoyed each thing with him. Watching his wonder, interest and indifference.  Seeing him stand next to a big ruler that told him he is as tall as a peacock. 


Eventually we had to eat again and so made our way back outside.  Of course, we found a carousel- another thing I have been excited to share with him.  And ice cream sandwiches, which I am always willing to share with anyone. :)

 1st carousel ride

After that we found our way back to the Metro stop to ride back to our car.  We were all pretty tired, but only one of us passed out on the way home.

Peace passed out

I can hardly wait to go again.

ps- there are a few more pictures on fliker.  click any of these to go see them.

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erica said...

I wanna go next time! I keep thinking we should do this one weekend, too. :)