Thursday, January 29, 2009


Do you see that little ticker on the side over there? Does it look like it says something less than 100 to you?? That's what I thought it said... Can that be true? I am 26 weeks now- that is very nearly 7 months along. You all wont mind if I freak a bit about how fast time is moving will you?
I am not freaking out about actually having a baby (though perhaps I should be) and I am not freaking out about not having all the stuff I maybe should or whatever (though again, a saner person might be.) No, I am freaked out by time, which speeds up and slows down with no reason according to it's own schedule. Days drag on by and months fly. How is this possible?
I guess I really should get those parenting books I was thinking of and maybe I should be going to more (some) consignment places on the weekend so I can find the little things I know we need. And I keep thinking we should get away, just the two of us, one last time but I don't know how that could happen. This is so crazy. How is it coming so fast? (so slow?)
I have been thinking that instead of a baby shower I would love to have a garden party in April. We will invite all our friends, boys and girls and ask them to help us plant the flower garden on the side that I plan to spend as much time with this baby as possible and the vegetable garden in the back that I hope will feed us all summer while I don't work. So instead of getting things from all our dearest that the baby will grown out of so quickly we can get something that we can grow into. Am I crazy? Would you all be willing to do such a thing?


erica said...

Wow, I love the vegetable idea especially. I would kill vegetables, but with a little maintenance, I bet you guys would do great with them. Ooh, and herbs, too, if you don't already grow them. I'll pitch in plants via someone who's actually attending, but I'm not planning to come dig in the dirt. Even if I were in town, I'd be no good at that part. =)

OldBikeRider said...

I'll bring "shovels and rakes and implements of destruction." Growing food and eating it is a good way to realize how much you appreciate people who really do the work of raising food.
Hint: Plant high value stuff and those things you like but cannot buy properly ripened, like tomatoes (if you like tomatoes). Don't waste your space on stuff that sells cheap. You can plant garlic in concrete block holes used as borders on raised beds. Let some go to seed, they are pretty.

RabbiM said...

You guys should come to NYC for a weekend getaway. Stay with us and watch a 5 year old run around or go to East Village Bed and Coffee to get some alone time.
Then we can see your belly in person:-).

Cindy said...


sharon said...

Yes, I believe we will be willing to help you plant some life. life that will sustain several lives. that sounds like a perfect idea.

diber said...

i love the garden idea, but i think you also need to take into account quite a few Stuff details for baby--and I'm the ultimate baby Stuff minimalist.