Sunday, January 25, 2009

6 months

belly almost 6 months

(Please ignore the mess. Focus on the belly...)

I took this last week-ish with the intent to share. So there you go, gratuitous belly shot.

This week since Thursday I have been battling it out with the flu. I sort of thought I was winning there for a bit but at the moment I am not convinced. At least the fever is over, but now if seems like the crud has moved into my chest. Perhaps to stay. Ugg. I do not recommend the whole pregnant and sick thing- Mom how did you do it?? I had to resort to thinking about Dengue fever and how horrible that would be so I could stand feeling so yuck.

I've actually been using that tactic a lot lately. I think, I am so cold and then I start thinking about homeless people and night shift road crews working on burst water lines. Of course this leads to being cold and feeling guilty about not delivering hot chocolate to the homeless as a profession. (Maybe I am still delusional...)

But speaking of night shift road crews- On Thursday night when the fever was the worst I was having this ultra strange dream/delusion (because what I was doing hardly qualified as sleeping.) First, you have to know in real life there was a water main break on the street that runs along the side of our house. This happened a few days ago and since it has been freezing and snowing two blocks have steadily been transforming into an ice rink while the city let the water continue to pour out. There was actually a van that was parked there the whole time. I have no idea if they would have been able to leave if they wanted as the tires appeared to be frozen the the ground and the doors were certainly iced shut. Anyway, on Thursday night they finally sent a crew out to deal with it. With jack hammers and generators all night long... So you know, that always makes for pleasant sleeping conditions.

Anyway, my delusion was that this work crew had to flip the whole city while we are all asleep. They have a "ghost" of the city and since the current city is broken (you can tell by the water gushing down the street) they will just reset our city for this other one and everything will go on. And they need jackhammers and whatnot to make this happen (it is amazing what you can convince yourself in dreamland...)

All of this would have been just fine except that I kept waking up. At first I slept three hours and then two and then one and then every thirty minutes I was up and just begging myself to go to sleep in between. And every time I woke up I wasn't sure if I was in the right city or if they had in fact made the flip. Which was very important and panic inducing not to know. Even while I knew that it was a dream I was freaking out about.

Anyway, Friday night I got smarter and after I couldn't sleep I went to the basement and put on Planet Earth and slept a little with that playing. At least those delusions were prettier... And far less panicky so 5am came a little swifter and much more gently.

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Mom A said...

Hey that belly looks great!!! We can hardly wait to see that "micro" baby H. Well about being just do what you can do...I was fortunate and was not working at that point of my life...I don't know how I would have handled pregnant, sick and work!!