Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Indoor fun

This morning Emerson and I had a chance to have some "school" time.  Our good friends got him a science experiment kit and we've been exploring chemicals and reactions.
After that, since Sissie was asleep we decided to draw some letters and color and cut.  These kind of activities don't often last long but somehow this morning we were both in the groove and we sat together for nearly and hour.  The results weren't all that unique but the time was so special I am still surprised about how much fun we had.  Emerson can spell out his name with only a little sound-it-out help and he easily reads letters.  Recently we told him what signs with a circle and line through it means and he tells me all the time what they say.  Senor almost fell down the other day when E said, "Why is there no smoking allowed here?" It was awesome.

Anyway, now we have little door decorations.  It's about time we started acting like we live in this house.

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