Friday, June 5, 2009

More pictures

I realized this morning I have been remiss in sharing new pictures. And since I want to help the Bug learn to share I thought I would model some behavior. :)
Here is one from a morning in bed while Senor is obviously trying to catch a few more z's.

morning in bed

And here is one at play. Look at that happy boy! He is smiling at us more and more.

at play

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Mom A said...

Oh, I want to squeeze him and saw aw too. Looking forward to 11 days from now. Love yas..

erica said...

Hehe, I think Emerson is at least the third child to play with that gym-- first Ellis, then Kent, and now him. =)

Fun pics, and we can't wait to see some of those smiles in person! Now that we're back from visiting my mom, you guys are the next trip now, meaning we're hyping you all to Kent in a major way so that he knows names and faces before we get there. See you really soon!