Monday, February 27, 2012

Why I've been so quiet.

bombay love 1

 bombay love detail

This little sweater is called Bombay Love.  I made it for a certain someone who will be joining our family around the middle of September.  The white is a super wash wool I had a little left over of and the other is the Donegal tweed I have so much of.  I'm saving the button choice for after we find out the gender.
I feel very lucky that the first trimester has so far been much, much easier on me that it was with the Bug.  But it is a time of very low productivity (at least outwardly.)  A time for resting and dreaming and doing the work you can while your feet are up and the dog is curled next to you.  So, you can imagine, I'll have a few crochet projects to share in the coming weeks...
I've been waiting to say anything here until I had told the Bug.  It was weird because I really had no idea how he would take it.  If he would care or get upset or ask lot's of questions.  And (have you noticed?) I am terrible at keeping secrets.
So the other night I told him and he asked where the baby was.
"It is in my belly."
"Can it come out and play?"
"Well, not till the end of summer.  It has to get bigger."
And not a word about it since.  Really, the best thing I could have hoped for.  Like when your dog meets a new dog and they sniff and then ignore each other.  Perfect.


erica said...

Love it. I can totally see this sweater on its own or layered over a cute long-sleeved tee of any color. Grey, blue, pale yellow... it's such a great sweater! Actually, I sort of want one.

So much love heading your way from us. Happy belly thoughts. :)

Lindsey @ A Pear to Remember said...

Ha! I love the image of the dogs, it warms my heart. My sincere congratulations to you and John!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thrilled for the three of you : )

Monofoil said...

Wow this little sweater is so beautiful and it reminds me of what my mom used to do for me and my siblings. Beautiful tradition!

anilia said...

Thank you everyone!