Thursday, February 11, 2010

On the move!

(I wrote this a week ago but had a lot of trouble uploading the videos.)

In the last few days the Bug has really figured out getting around. He does a military crawl and nothing is safe anymore. Looks like we need one more baby gate...
Here is a little demonstration:

In this video (which is pretty crappy because it was night time, just before getting ready for bed) you can see him stepping and laughing. Sorry about my laugh at the end. I always try to be quiet while the camera is going but he's funny, ya know?

He is also clapping when he is happy. On the potty, for breakfast, what have you. I can't imagine where he picked that up...
His relationship with Zo continues to develop and we find him making out with her when ever we don't intervene fast enough. This morning he realized he could sit in his chair at breakfast and lean over to hand her a tasty morsel.

make out session

So there you go! More ridiculous Bugness.


Mom A said...

Oh, yes!

Andrea said...

random read:
too awesome watching them go!
my oldest girl loves kissing dogs also.