Tuesday, April 27, 2010

At One Year~

12 months 009


: snuggle into bed every chance you get.
: sleep like an inchworm and wake up because you have inched off the bed.
: want to go up and down stairs all day.
: bite. A lot. Stop that.
: chatter on and laugh hysterically at the dog.
: keep grabbing the dog and cat. The cat purrs and comes back for more. I can't believe the dog hasn't eaten you yet. Stop that.
: squinch your nose up and breath funny ("he, he, he!") when you think we said something funny.
: are eating just about everything.
: love when papa gets home.
: love the playground and are starting to go down the slides yourself.
: always want to push the stroller.
: make us chase you for diaper changes.
: have bath time in a bucket since you insist on standing.
: have a whole new arsenal of sounds which are higher pitched and slightly nasal.
: take steps when you are too distracted to notice we aren't holding on to you. Sit down right away when you do.
: are pretty loud.

{28.5 inches and 20lbs and 7oz. Weight exactly the same as last time he was at the pediatrician and only .5 inches longer/taller. Guess he finally slowed down. :}


Mom A said...

Thankful that you do this.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Emerson!
Love, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Joel

kayla said...

happy birthday big guy! cora is one today--i can't believe it.