Thursday, April 22, 2010


I fixed the machine. Don't ask me how but it is running again. To make sure it was working I put together all the strips for the top of the quilt. And then finished this skirt. Yay!

Floral skirt with knit waist

The skirt has been floating around in my head for a while. It is super simple which means it isn't the most flattering. I used a peice of stretch knit for the waist band and then just cut a full width of the floral (which is a swiss cotton dot lawn that is so nice!) and sewed them together. So the skirt gets fuller right on my hips (the unflattering part I mentioned). The main part of the skirt is lined with another bit of the knit. Once I had that together I felt like it was too short for everyday wear so I added the ruffle. I love it. It was hard to gather that much fabric in one go (I used two widths) and next time I will gather each side separately. With the ruffle I can sit down or squat to play with the Bug and no one has to see my under bits...
Next time I make it (I have another swiss dot screaming to be made into something this summer) I think I will cut two sides of the main skirt and give it a little a line. I think that would wear a little nicer. I would love to make a whole summer wardrobe... This could certainly be my uniform.

Floral skirt with knit waist crop

Here is a peak at the quilt top all in peices. Maybe I can get them together tomorrow.

Quilt top strips


Cindy said...

The shoooooes! I covet those shoes. You had to know i was going to comment on them.

Heather brown said...

love it! You are such a crafty mama!