Tuesday, April 20, 2010



Today I cut out an entire quilt in a nap. I even had time to begin to organize the blocks. This was largely thanks to the template that Senor cut out of acrylic and brought home for me. When you don't have to measure the cutting is so fast! Yesterday I had ironed all of the fabric. It is amazing what I can get done with the sewing machine broken...
The machine is still down. I need to go try a couple more things but am hesitating and I am not sure why. I really don't want to find out that it is broken for real I guess. I need to find a good repair shop anyway and just suck it up and pay for regular tune ups. *Le sigh*
Senor was gone all weekend so I was in single parent land. Wow, single parents are rock stars! I have been away with the Bug before but always to see people who really want to play and help with him (like grandparents) so getting a shower or making food was never an issue. Not that I don't do those things often enough when it is just the two of us, but the pressure, my god! I almost never need to shower right at that time- I could always wait till Senor came home or a nap came along. But Saturday morning a shower had to happen because I was going dress shopping with Cindy and you can't try on fancy dresses when you are el stinko. So the Bug stood at the side of the shower and got sprinkled whilst I got clean. He thought it was hilarious.
Cindy was awesome, chasing him everywhere while I tried on dresses and shoes. Insanely, I bought a strapless dress, but oh, the non-mom-ness sucked me in. I feel like my whole look is going to change this year. There are so many things I have done forever clothing-wise and I am so tired of it. A puff of silver silk seems like a great place to start! Now I have to make a pair of bloomers...

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Cindy said...

El kiddo was on the move, but we had so much fun together. I enjoy E time, and Anilia time, and yeeeeeeeeah the puff of silver silk is awesome. I'm excited about it. And the shoes, the shoooooes.