Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Block project

Hello craftiness my old friend! How much I have missed you!
I continue to make progress on my latest little project which I am excited to say I am doing it all by hand. This has several benefits: it has the wonderful ability to be done anywhere, all I have to do is gather the bit I am working on and drag it along. (I think I need a little basket to keep everything together though.) I can stop and start very easily and even when I am not working on it I can see it tempting me and so I want to work on it more. It also isn't dragging me away from where I am, wishing I could just get down into the basement to do whatever. I can see that it is waiting patiently for me and will be ready whenever I am.
I have just finished the embroidery part of it using a type of stitch called couching. This is when you use one thread to hold another in place. I love it because you get a great look and very quick results. It is also very textural so it feels good to run your fingers over it and it is raised enough that it even casts a bit of a shadow that gives it more depth.
Anyway, I found out about couching when I bought the Embroidery Stitch Bible a while ago. I love going through it and looking for ideas and inspiration. I only really use needle work to decorate (as opposed to making a whole project that is embroidered) so I don't get a lot of practice. This book is nice and clear with a photo and/or diagram for every stitch. Yay for people who know lots about what ever they know about so you can tap in for the little bit you need!

Block project


Stephanie said...

Can't wait to see this finished!

kayla said...

The couching really does make a nice visual impact. I, too, want to see the finished project!

erica said...

Ooh, are you making soft blocks? I've thought a dozen times about trying to make some... I love the embroidery, whether or not I'm right. =)

anilia said...

Thanks ladies!