Friday, July 24, 2009

Exiting the fourth trimester


Some basic thoughts:

1. Some days I feel like it is not physically possible to feel full because you can't eat that much food in one sitting.

2. The time with Emerson during nursing is so special and wonderful. That said, some days he seems to nurse all day so having a book or dvd on hand helps pass the special time. ;)

3. Fitting back into my pre-pregnancy jeans was a wonderful moment.

4. So was being able to continue my normal married life. :)

5. When they say, "Try to stick with it." about nursing they should tell you a little more. Like, it might still be not be perfectly comfortable at 6 weeks or you will feel tied down in a way that will make you frustrated time to time or there is nothing better than seeing an upset babe relax into your arms.

6. I am now saying amazingly redundant things like, "Wow, I am so glad we already had him!" or "Can you believe we made a baby?" Yeah, I guess it takes a while to sink in...

7. I love having my belly button back to normal. Seriously, welcome back belly button, I missed you!

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kayla said...

This all sounds so familiar!