Sunday, April 6, 2008

Come sail away!

jacket 009

It must be the red, white and blue... because otherwise I don't think it is so "sailory" (the spell check says that "sailory" is not a word. Doesn't it know you can put -y on any word and make it into a description of itself?!)

Anyway, welcome to my first (as a grown up) handmade garment. I had been working on this and then got scared off by the collar and used that as an excuse to go do things I was supposed to be doing. Which was good, because they needed doing. Last night when my paper was almost done and the rum and cokes had begun I went up and looked at it again and something clicked.
Anyway, it is far from perfect (just like most of my work, you will find no nit-picking here.) But it is done and it is wearable and cute. Good enough for me.

jacket 003

Feliz lunes!

ps- funny enough, I got invited to this group because of this photo.

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