Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cultivating Patience

So I have been sewing all weekend. I had hoped to make a skirt or maybe two (ha!) before the weekend was out but that isn't going to happen. To be technically correct, I could finish the skirt I started, but I wouldn't wear it once it was done. It has far too much material to be flattering. What is the point of making your own clothes if they don't look good on you? Anyway, I plan to take it apart and see if I can draft it into an a-line instead... And if that doesn't work who knows what I will end up with.

Then, to lift my spirits I decided I would make meditation pillow. Which seems simple and fun right? I got started off all right but somewhere along the way I got side tracked by a “great idea” and well, that was that. Poof, just a bunch of fabric that sitting in crazy piles upstairs. Not one finished project for the weekend. Only scraps...

Which is probably just fine. As my sewing becomes more ambitious I am bound to have weekends like this. And it comes at a good time to help develop calm in the face of frustration, as I am reading a book about daily practice by the Dalai Lama.

To help balance this out I have had a very good weekend outside of the sewing room. On Friday I scored a very cool bracelet at the Spring Fair and cuff links for Seńor made from reused typewriter keys. Yesterday I went by American Apparel and found a cute green polo style dress and then went to the thrift store and found three more dresses, a skirt, and a pot to plant the tomato plant in. And today we went to a place we have been wanting to go for a long time called Chocolatea when I had to get away from the fabric that was not working with me. I had an avocado salad. I ate every bit of it. Seńor had a wrap which he ate every bit of. We drank a lovely pot of tea and ate a tiny truffle each. It was just what I needed.

On the way back to the car I brought up something that has been bothering me since I first learned about Buddhism. I said, “I think the hardest thing for me about practicing Buddhism is going to be panty-lines.” I thought Seńor was going to explode laughing.

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