Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Emerson made

 A few weeks ago we got out white t-shirts and just started drawing.  I think we both had a really good time and no one was harmed in the process.  It took time.  And then there were two fun new shirts he is excited to wear whenever he sees them.  I hear about kids who have distinct preferences on their clothing, those who will only wear one shirt or dress.  I am happy that Emerson's only display of that kind of behavior is a preference for hand made (or embellished.)  I know it won't be forever that he really likes the things I have made him, but I hope through the work we do together he will at least always be interested in making things for himself after he outgrows the love of mama-made.  Isn't his monster brilliant?

The packing and getting rid of and organizing continues over here.  I am so thankful for school so that I may have a chance to do some alone and some with help.  Both kinds of packing and sorting are needed. 

The baby wiggled herself off the bed yesterday and fell pretty hard.  I felt so sorry for her.  I guess we are officially at the place of having a mobile baby, even if that doesn't mean crawling.  She is a little hysterical right now with the noises and bouncing and giggling to herself.  The other day E was talking on and on while she played her lips and stared at him and John and I just could stop laughing at them both.  What a pair they make!

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