Monday, March 18, 2013

Sewing Retreat: Part 2

First up were the shorts for E.  I started them as soon as I arrived on Friday night.  I had edited all the ridiculous pockets and made simple patch pockets instead.  E can hardly get into a regular pants pocket anyway.  This way he can gather treasures without extra frustration.  I used the size 4 pattern and was so surprised when they fit him.  They look huge!!
I got this adorable print knowing he would love every creature on it.  I want to add a strip of it to a t shirt as well.  So cute!  I hadn't measured his waist so I had to wait until I was home to finish them.  He is planning to wear them to gymnastics tomorrow even though it is only supposed to be in the 50's. That makes them a success in my book.


Next came the bag.  This turned out to be a total fail.  Giant, way too stiff to work with, nightmarish.  I think I managed to get through it with out any swearing.  I have no idea where that restraint came from.  It was a very cursy project.


Look how big it is!  Ug!  Anyway- I am hoping to re-purpose most of it when I can stand to look at it again. that may be sometime soon, I love the fabric.  Or it may be next century.
Oh- there is also a super fast and simple changing mat that matches which Anjali loves.  The side she lays on is a bright pink minky.  She smiles every time I lay her on it.  At least that worked out!

So, after wasting hours and hours on this bag I moved on to the hedgehog dress.  This was a super fabulous and fast project.  The perfect thing to redeem the day.  I decided to skip the cutting each side in two pieces only to sew it back together and just put a little box pleat in the middle.


One of the other ladies there, Nicole, showed me how to use the button hole maker on my machine.  I've tried it a few times and read the book every time.  It never worked and I gave up.  I couldn't believe it when it just worked when she showed me.  So simple.  I felt like angels were singing.  Especially after the nightmare bag.  The dress came together in a couple hours, even with cutting.  Happiness!

So that completed my goal items.  I still had hours to go and a sleeping baby...  what to do?

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