Friday, March 15, 2013

A Boy and His Bear


Once upon a time a boy and his bear were walking on the mountain.  They came to a field with a stream and played in the grass.  They found a sock and ate it.  It was stinky but their bodies cleaned it so it didn't stink anymore.


Then the boy and the bear played in the stream and caught some fish.  The bear ate them but the boy set them free.  The bear could hear the fish talking in his belly and decided he would rather eat blueberries next time.


They went for a walk in the woods to find the blueberry bushes.  They walked and walked.  They found rocks and dirt and blueberries.  They ate lots of blueberries.


Then they climbed a tree and since they were at the top of the tree on the top of the mountain they could see a long, long way.  They saw clouds in the sky and birds flying and down at the bottom of the mountain they saw Christmas bears eating other bears.  So they decided to stay in the mountains.
Then the Christmas bears came up the mountain but they couldn't climb the tree so the boy and his bear were safe.


To be continued...

{This is a story by Emerson.  You can see he is obsessed with eating.  And being eaten.  Pictures from our walk in the woods the other week.}

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