Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fish Pants and Dolphins

Fish Shorts

The current obsession in our house is the dolphin show at the National Aquarium.  We try to go at least once a week.  We bought a membership in September and I am sure it has paid for itself about six times by now.  Last time I went with the Bug I stopped the announcer lady in the hall and told her how much we (he) enjoy(s) the show.  I told her how we are in a 24/7 dolphin show at our house.   "Dawdaw Show!!" he happily announces and begins to clap.  Clapping is expected of the audience as well.  In fact, if you are not clapping he will take your hands and show you how.  As the announcer, he needs to be standing on a platform.  The edge of the bed, a box of diapers, a low wall or your chest will do the trick nicely.  He puts his arm up, indicating that the dolphins will now jump.  He waves his hand, indicating that the dolphins will now wave.  Clap, wave, jump, go fast, hit the ball- these are all important parts of the show.  Please feel free to come over and pay me $27.95 per person to watch.  It will be worth every penny, I promise.

Fish Shorts

In other, almost wholly unrelated news, I have been working with a shorts pattern (Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2907 Toddler Separates, A (1/2-1-2-3-4)) to get a few pairs ready before he really needs them.  I had plans to have four or five pairs done by now but am lazy and easily sidetracked.  Oh well, I am sure the weather will help me motivate soon enough.  The first pair I made are these fishy ones.  I know this has been successful because he wants to wear them when ever he sees them (and it isn't just the fish, I made plaid ones too and he cried when I took them off after checking the elastic fit.)  These are just basic with no pockets.  The other pairs will have pockets since it is very important to have somewhere to keep all your dirt (aside from your mouth) when you are out for a walk. 
The shorts are pretty long but I am sure that wont last for long.  It will be fun to see pictures from the end of the summer.  He seems to grow and inch every week right now. 

Fish Shorts


Cindy said...

Can I make tasty treats and you can bring him down here so I can watch? We can even ride over to Downs Park where he can see the whole bay!

Mom A said...

Hey, do we get a show when we come for his birthday?

Indelible John said...

I like this business plan of hosting the dolphin show at our house. E will gladly throw water (or anything else) on you for the full effect.

Kimberly said...

The length of those pants are absolutely perfect to prevent all kinds of scraps and cuts - great job!

AlisaRock said...

Love the t shirt. His mom DOES rock!