Tuesday, April 26, 2011

At 2 Years ~


: Do dolphin shows all day long.
: Love your cousin Kent.
: Want to plant seeds.
: Still love dirt.
: Like finding worms in the dirt.
: Can name robins & squirrels.
: Have your first "bike" (tricycle)
: Make "big house" & "road" with blocks.
: Love to go outside!
: Like to "dump" everything on the floor (please stop.)
: Love giving kisses and hugs.
: Like to "throw" (stop that too.)
: Are really into books.
: Are climbing the rope nets at the playground (with assistance.)
: Have become gentle with the dog.
: Want to go! go! GO! until unconscious.
: Still climb everything.
: Make us very very tired by end of day.
: Love to take the bus.
: Bite your finger nails.
: Bite everything else.
: Cook a me!
: Make 3 word sentences.
: Want to take "pict" (pictures)
: Say cheese.
: Help walk the dog.
: Are super sweet.
: Are a bunch of trouble.
: Answer or make calls on anything that may be mistaken for a phone, or is in fact a phone. "HALLOO"
: Excitedly yell "Pop!" anytime someone walks in the door.
: Want cake and candles to blow out with your nose.
: Feed and make cozy your friend Moose.
: Sometimes share your high chair with Moose.
: Are big. {27 pounds and 35 inches}

We love you and can't believe how much you've grown this year.

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