Thursday, March 5, 2009

The baby's bum

First off- did you know it was already Thursday? I really thought I would be able to make this post early in the week.

Instead of writing a bunch, how 'bout a list of things on my mind:

1) I did in fact manage to complete the things on my list for last weekend. Most important being making some baby bum wipes. Cloth wipes? you say, and I say, Yes! because if I am using cloth diapers I should at least try using cloth wipes too. I do have to say this is the most boring sewing project. I almost could nap while sewing it was so simple... The coolest part was getting to use an old flannel sheet that I picked up at a thrift store a while ago. Keep your eyes peeled for this fabric as it figures into this weekends project as well.

baby bits 010

2) I ordered diaper covers from a wonderful woman named Kara on esty and they arrived this week. Can I tell you how much I love them?? The cuteness is killing me. Please visit her shop, tell her I sent you if you buy things and admire her work. She was fast, made me a custom listing with my custom baby bum covers and was a delight to work with. What could make a transaction better?

baby bits 013

3) Speaking of esty, my internet friend just opened a shop. With some seriously cute baby shoes!

4) Speaking of shoes, I went to Ma Petit Shoes today. I love shoes. I don't even look at the chocolate in this place. If I had a lot of money I would have a lot more shoes. In the mean time I guess I will just lust after them...

5) Yesterday we went to the hospital for a tour. It smelled funny. If I had a lot of money I would give birth at home. Which is weird, because it should cost less to have your baby at home.

6) Somehow, I seem to have survived (most of) this week. Keep your fingers crossed for next week too.

7) This picture reminds me of cupcakes. Cupcakes are currently my favorite food group.

baby bits 004

8) Despite the snow we are ordering planties this weekend for the garden party. Yay!

I hope to see or hear from you all soon! Happy weekending, maybe I will do better next week.

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Little Apple said...

I have cupcakes in the oven right now!! I am not kidding.

And I still have your stuff in a pile on the living room floor. Erica can vouch for it.