Sunday, October 12, 2008


This summer I was working so much that I never really worked on any of the sewing I like to do. I have a quilt languishing and a project for a friend that have just been waiting for me. The other week before the foot thing became all consuming I finally cut out the bits for Nicole's project and started to put them together. Last weekend I also finally felted the hat I crocheted weeks ago. And then on another night when I could not sleep I finished tying my quilt because I could not stand to make one more stitch in it. So now I am down to the trimming and binding step... akk!
Of course, in order to avoid this I have started something new. I don't have to call it avoiding either. It is crochet, so really, I can say, "this is my mobile project." Because everyone needs something to do when you are waiting or riding or sitting. So I have started this blanket by the lovely Alicia Paulson.

baby blanket 1

You may notice that it is a baby blanket. Our next WIP will be here sometime in early May.

P.S. the foot is almost normal again. yay! thanks to everyone who thought good thoughts for me.


erica said...

Subtle. =) Hey, think May 1, because then s/he and I can be 29-years-apart twins!

Because I've been working on my diss so much more at home, I've taken to knitting in the car a lot while Jack drives. I have my knitting bag with my current project, balls of yarn, and little zipper case with all my extra things like tape measure and stitch markers. Whenever Kent is old enough to go to the park and play by himself (not there yet!), I have visions of myself knitting on a bench somewhere nearby. That'll be nice.

diber said...

COngratulations!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!! Maybabies are so nice. :D

Little Apple said...

You know it took me a couple times to read this and figure it out. Call me slow. I even sent a note to Erica for confirmation.
Congratulations!! I'm not sure that my kids will be related in any sense to him or her (cousin's cousin?). None the less, we're excited for you and your family.
Taurus is a good sign to be. :)

anilia said...

Thanks ladies! We are very excited, of course and I feel like I am coming to the end of the yuckiness. Yay!