Sunday, October 5, 2008

Let them eat feet and cake!

Well, the foot is still not good. I can't tell if things are getting better or worse. It has spread and I have spent some time in the doctors office on iv's of antibiotics. I am back to oral medication now... We'll have to just wait and see. This has been really frustrating for me so keep your fingers crossed, good thoughts flowing or prayers up. I really appreciate it.
On a different, funnier note I was working a wedding last night and everything was going perfectly; we were on time, we had everything we were supposed to have, the staff was all there despite a few hiccups. But then I looked around and thought to myself, "Wow, that table over there looks really empty... what goes there? Oh right! The CAKE! Where is the cake??" The cake should have been delivered by then but it was nowhere in sight. I knew there was another wedding going on in the same venue so I went over to find out if they had the cake.
When I went to the kitchen no one had seen the cake. I went back down stairs and called the cake maker to see if they were just running behind. They said the cake had been delivered to the place I had just asked for it... At the same moment an employee came running out yelling, "I have your cake! I have your cake!"
The cake wasn't in the kitchen because it was already set up on display and about to be covered flowers.
The funny thing about this story is that in that same venue the caterer I work for has had the cake not only taken by another wedding party, but eaten as well!
Yay for last night being the second time...

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Mom A said...

Too funny. I can't imagine any couple eating a cake they hadn't ordered...unless they had been called earlier in the day to be told their cake was not coming...and just decided to take advantage of the mistake.