Thursday, October 23, 2008


Thank you all for the well wishes, we are so thrilled to finally be sharing all of this with you!
You know, it is chilly here! I am so unprepared to be cold all the time... I know it is almost the end of October and I should be grateful for a long summer and everything but, meh.
I am also blaming the cold on my baking failure last night. I just can't seem to get bread to rise... Well, this time was, arguably, the best try yet. It rose the first time... Luckily the pesto I made last night is pretty banging so at least I didn't dirty every dish in the whole house with no good result... And the loaf may be salvageable with enough butter and honey. At any rate, it confirms again for me the need to stay out of the kitchen, especially with bread baking. I am just too disappointed with the failures. And I used up almost all the flour we had in the house. Maybe I should get a bread maker.... Then you can't mess it up, right?
I do so miss having fresh bread in the house.
In other, better news, we went to the thrift store this weekend and made some great finds. I got a perfect jacket for me. All the right colors. I keep waiting for a sunny moment to snap a picture. And we bought some baby clothes. I am on the lookout for a rocking chair or glider to have in the house. Pat sent us some cute stuff as well. Wow do I LOVE the mail. Thanks Pat!
On that trip we went right by the big Babies R Us store. Part of me was feeling like we do need to go there if only to see a bunch of stuff at once and compare things like car seats and whatnot. But neither of us could bring ourselves to go in. I think I have a phobia of the giant baby store... Target is the only big box store that doesn't make me feel like running away... All the rest just seem so yucky and I hate all those people. (Not the people themselves, per say, just that there are so many of them...)
Anyway, we do plan to do as much shopping for all this in thrift and consignment stores so that should alleviate much of my nervousness.
Okay folks, I am just rambling now. I should go shower and get ready for work instead.


erica said...

Hey, among all the other things we need/want to do at Thanksgiving, do you want me to bring one of my tried-and-true bread recipes and bake with you? We can talk about water temp, yeast proofing, kneading... it'll be grand. =)

The thrifting is a great idea. I was kind of scared of baby stuff at thrift stores, I don't know why, so I kind of avoided it at first, but there are some awesome things to be had (especially exersaucers and stuff like that, that you'll only use for a few months). Happy thrifting!

Mom A said...

One of the biggest problems with bread is outdated yeast. Another is keeping the bread at a constant temperature as it rises and away from drafts of cool air. You should try the top of the fridge for the constant temperature. Cover the bread with a warm damp cloth, and cover that cloth with a dry cloth. And maybe Santa will be good to you and send a bread maker for Christmas...

Mom A said...

We should check out our special little baby store here in Cburg. When can you come to visit?

diber said...

(no offense to Erica) I HATE BabiesRUs. I do find myself in there a couple times for the random little things. Better selection than Target. You probably do want to get a new carseat, though. But that's what Amazon is for right? ;)

I got the exersaucer and playmat at the thrift store. Best $6 I ever spent. And we got the Ikea Antilop highchair for $20. :)

So happy for you!