Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hat, pants, dead people

It is a rather literal title... I am not feeling terribly imaginative. Now that I think about it, I am not really very creative about the whole title thing normally. I often want to leave it blank... All this is completely beside the point.
So, hat:
Hat out takes

This it the hat that I crocheted most of when we went to Mass. I felted it over a couple weekends and have just been waiting for it to be cold enough to wear a wool hat without being ridiculous. Which I am anyway if you click on the picture and go look at the other out takes from last nights photo shoot...

Now, pants:
stretchy pregnant pants

These are my first pregnant pants which I had to buy this weekend after being so uncomfortable in my other pants that I had to leave work and go change. They are super comfy but were way to long. I didn't have time or interest in going to any place else so I got them and came home and hemmed them. Even though they are stretchy. And it came out just fine. I was nervous, but nothing bad happened. No weirdness of any kind in fact... So maybe stretchy sewing isn't so bad after all... or maybe these pants are just trying to lure me into heartbreak...

And last, dead people:
Day of the Dead Altar

This Friday is our Day of the Dead dinner and celebration at work. If you look closely you can see my grandmother sitting on our altar right next to that heart made of sugar.

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erica said...

Oh, you are just so very much like your brother in those hat outtakes... I do love the hat, though.

That's awesome about sewing stretchy stuff! I've always been intimidated too, but I doubt I'll ever need to hem pants that are too long, so I may never have a chance to follow your lead. Hehehe.