Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mrs Frisby

In our house chapter books have just been started.  This is so exciting we all are jumping for joy.  Sure, Anjali is looking at the same books we've been seeing the last four years (which is oh so sweet), but E is on to something completely new.  
We started with with Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh.  He is obsessed.  None of us go by our right name anymore.  I alternate between Mrs Frisby and Isabella, John is Justin or Nicodemus, Anjali is Cynthia, and E is any of the characters depending on his mood.  He tells people when they ask his name, "Nicodemus" or "Mrs Frisby" or "Mr Ages" without a blink.  All our little stuffed friends get in on it too.  We've read through it twice.  When we got to the end the first time he wanted to start over right away.  I love reading this way too, a really good book just sometimes needs a second, closer reading.  John hates this and I don't think he'd ever watch the same movie or read the same book twice if it was possible.
At the library we got Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little.  Now I need your suggestions.  What else did you read when you were so little?  The Narnia stories are too much for him yet.  It is hard to find books without too much violence.  With a little plot, and little adventure but without a lot of bad guys or strife.
{For the record we watched the The Secret of NIMH also but it isn't much like the book, so if that is all you remember of the story I suggest reading the book again.  It has quite a social commentary part.  A bit like Civil Disobedience for kids.)


Mom A said...

Little Women and Little Men. And Little House on the Prairie.

AmberW said...

Oh my gosh, so many books! The Egypt Game, The Mushroom Planet series, The Indian in the Cupboard series...