Friday, December 27, 2013

Sissie at 11! Months~

:Have four teeth coming in on the top, all out of order and you look a little snaggle toothed.  Cutie!
:Are quite determined to be standing as much as you can.  I see you lift your hands and balance for a moment or two at a time.  Ack!!
:Are exploring all the drawers and cabinets in the house. I am trying not to go crazy with child protection devices.  We'll see how long that lasts.
:Clap for food, music, laughs, your brother, and anything else you find find fun.
:Wave hello and bye-bye.  It is so cute I can hardly stand it.
:Still have that lovely curvy profile that I adore.  When you sit the curve of your head into your neck and down to your bum is so irresistible.  I always want to kiss you.
:Loved your first Christmas.  Opening presents was fun and eggnog french toast was a total hit!
:Love to hold Nickie Blah doll and pat him on the head.
:Always pull one sock off.
:Really love to look at the big picture book and flip through to find the kitten and the boy in the coat.
:Crawl fast and furious towards the dog bowls anytime we forget and leave them down.
:Hang out by the dishwasher door whenever we are loading or unloading it.
:Do a kind of fake cry or upset where you crunch up your face and say, "Ehh, ehhh, ehhh!"  It is really, really funny.
:Hold up one finger a lot.  To point sometimes, but also just to communicate.
:Started signing!!  You say "more" and I think have made your own sign for "good."
:Chat us up.  "A dee!" "Mon mon ma!" "A dada."
:Love playing "Where"s the baby?"

{I can hardly belive that we are so close to a year.  I know everyone says that but it really has been a blur of sweetness.  You are so precious to us all. Xxoo- Mama}

(And just for kicks, remember this?)

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