Monday, September 30, 2013

Sissie at 8 Months~


:Are amazing!  How have you gotten to be 8 months old???
:Still are trying so hard to crawl.
:Are trying to pull up on my legs when you get the chance but haven't gotten the idea of putting your feet flat.  For now you are still using the sides with your soles together.
:Seem more interested in napping since you've had more of a chance with Emerson being at school.
:Are not as interested in being confined.  The excersaucer works less and less to distract you.
:Have the most pitiful cry on the planet.  I've been told this by other people, so it isn't all mama-talk.  You put your head down on your hands, push your lip out and generally look and sound as if someone has told you that all holidays are canceled. Forever.
:You like to ride around in the ring sling.
:Are loving exploring toys and playing independently on the floor.
:Still think Emerson is hilarious.
:Are eating lot's of things.
:Have such an expressive face.  You flirt with strangers, laugh at all of us and give Emerson the what-kind-of-crazy-are-you-face a whole lot.
:Like to grab faces and pull them towards yours.
:Laugh madly when we give you kisses and raspberries.

{You weigh 18 lbs 10 ounces and are 26 inches long. I spend a lot of time looking at you and admiring your undeniable cuteness.}

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