Wednesday, September 18, 2013

To remember

This is a picture from our trip this summer.  I keep meaning to share about it but we live in a whirlwind and I like to take the quiet times and keep them quiet.

Yesterday Emerson went in while the baby was waking from a nap and I was making dinner and got her to go back to sleep himself.  Insert binky, pat, leave.  Quite amazing and if it only happens once I want to remember it forever anyway.  She adores him.  Utterly, completely.

School has been such a help for him.  He is more and more fun to be around and the really hard days are harder and harder to find.  The other day we were at a play place and two parents came to tell me how special it was that Emerson was playing with and helping their children.  Magical.  I love being able to just love him more, being less frustrated.

She wants to crawl.  She rocks and wiggles and tries again and again.  Soon things will be harder and more fun and gah, I'm about to burst with the sweetness!

We have to move next month.  I am stressing about it.  I am happy for where we will be and hoping to get to the other side of the move so I can just be there instead of looking forward so much.  We'll be closer to a place where I can go meditate in the evenings again.  I look forward to that so, so much.


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OldBikeRider said...

Live in the moment.

When it is over you will wonder how you spent so much energy thinking about it.

{you knew that}